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Hello Vendors!

If you are selling food, craft, or direct sales items (no information booths, please), consider signing up for one of our community events. At this time, registration is open for Band Day 2019 and the North Dakota Chokecherry Festival. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about these events. 

Please open and read the Vendor Information document below the payment link. You are responsible for understanding and following the guidelines on the Vendor Information page. 

You can return to this page and follow the payment link after filling out the registration, or you can submit payment now. Please remember, your spot as a vendor is NOT reserved until payment is received.

Payment Link


Vendor Registration
Please provide the following information:

* Event Name

* Type of Vendor

* If paying online, name of person/business on the credit card submitted for payment (if not paying online, enter N/A)

* Type of Booth

* Name of Business or Booth

* Contact person:

* Email Address

* Phone Number

* Mailing Address

* City

* State (text box)

* Zip Code

* Type of Craft or Product

ND Tax Permit Number

* I have read and I understand the Vendor Information page for this event, as listed on the event page on the Williston CVB (Visit Williston) website (direct link located above this survey). I understand if I do not follow the regulations set forth in this agreement, I forfeit all monies paid to the Williston CVB and may be banned from any and all future events organized by the Williston CVB.

* I understand my booth space is not reserved until it is paid for.

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