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Thank you for your interest in Band Day 2020! If you would like to become a vendor, please read all the Band Day Vendor information below and the included link(s) PRIOR to registering for a booth space.

Vendors are required to hold a current North Dakota Tax Permit number. Food vendors are required to follow all regulations set forth for food vendors by the North Dakota Department of Health and have a North Dakota DOH state permit number. Vendors will be asked for both permit numbers in the online registration. Band Day submits a list of all participating vendors to the corresponding state entities.

Vendors may pay online for their booth space(s) or vendors may contact the CVB office at 701-774-9041 to make arrangements to pay in person prior to being assigned a booth space. Vendors will not be assigned a booth space until payment is complete.

No refunds are offered for this event unless it is canceled due to weather, prior to the festival taking place.

Please contact us with questions! 701-774-9041 or by e-mail.
General Vendor Information

Temporary Dishwashing Station Review

Register: Items marked with an * are required.
* Name of Booth
* Booth Type (No information only booths, please)
* Vendor spaces are roughly 10' x 10'. If your booth exceeds this space, you may purchase more than one for an additional $40 each. How many booth spaces do you require:
* For load in schedule and layout purposes, we require an accurate measurement of your trailer. Length of your trailer (including hitch to the end of the back bumper) or food truck. If you do not have a grill, food truck or tailer to load in, please enter N/A.
Non-Electrical Booth $40
Electrical Booth 110V / 20Amp (regular household plug) $75
Electrical Booth 30 or 50 Amp (large appliance type plug) $75
Additional Booth Space $40
2nd Additional Booth Space $40
* If paying online, name of person/business on the credit card submitted for payment (if not paying online, enter N/A)
* Contact Person (first and last name of person responsible for booth)
Mailing Address
* Contact Person's Phone Number
* E-mail Address
* Description of product (what is being sold)
* I understand I am responsible for adhering to all required regulations set forth for food vendors by the North Dakota Department of Health. I have contacted the NDDoH and have received my state permit number, as follows: (Enter N/A if you are not a food booth)
* ND Tax Permit Number
* I have read and I understand the Vendor Information page for this event, as listed on the event page on the Williston CVB (Visit Williston) website (direct link located above this survey). I understand if I do not follow the regulations set forth in this agreement, I forfeit all monies paid to the Williston CVB and may be banned from any and all future events organized by the Williston CVB.
* I understand my booth space is not reserved until it is paid for.