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Official Rules
Lewis & Clark Big 10 Showdown
October 5 & 6, 2019
Headquarters:          Lewis & Clark State Park

Teams:                     100 – 2 person teams will be accepted. 

Flights & Times:       
Teams will be separated into (2) flights and will leave and return at the following times:                                                
Flight 1 will leave at 8AM and return at 4PM
Flight 2 will leave at 9AM and return at 5PM
Flight times will swap the second day (1st flight day one become 2nd flight day 2).

We will do our best to accommodate flight requests, but cannot guarantee flight choice. First come first served for choice. Get your application in early.

All boats must check in with the patrol boat outside the bay prior to the 4pm and 5pm deadlines. Late boats will be disqualified and the entry fees forfeited.

Eligibility:                    Any participant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. All tournament contestants must be off the water by Friday 4:00PM.

Registration:              Official tournament registration will open Wednesday, February 27, 2019. All applications will be accepted through the Williston Convention & Visitors Bureau located at 212 Airport Road (or online at Once the tournament is at capacity, all additional applicants will be placed on a wait list in the order received.

Regulations:               All contestants must observe US Coast Guard and North Dakota State Game & Fish rules and regulations. Teams are required to have (2) participants.

Entry Fees:                 Entry fee is $1,000 USD of which 10% goes to the North Dakota Game & Fish Department.   85% of all entry fees will be paid back to participants. No refunds.

Inclement Weather:    The Tournament Committee has the right to postpone or cancel that day’s fishing due to inclement weather. If Saturday fishing is cancelled, Sunday will be used as tournament fishing day. If both days are cancelled, drawings will be held for all prizes. In the event of cancellation after boats have been released to the water please note the following: 1) All boats must check back in with tournament officials, & 2) No fish will be weighed. Failure to check in will result in disqualification & loss of eligibility for all prizes. All boats not returning to harbor of launch must contact a tournament official for notification of safe return. Weather cancellation determination prior to launch will be made by the following: tournament officials will use the National Weather Service as the official website. Tournament officials reserve the right to cancel the day of fishing or alter fishing hours.

Sportsmanship:             All contestants will be expected to be courteous, safety conscious and practice fundamental sporting principles.  Any infraction can result in immediate disqualification.

Tackle & Equipment:      Artificial & live bait may be used.  Each contestant can use (2) rods and spare rods can be carried in the boat.  LIFE JACKETS MUST be worn at all times the boat is above idle speed!

Fishing area:                 Take off is from Lewis and Clark State Park.  Boundaries are as follows:  West boundary is the Lewis & Clark bridge (Hwy 85); East boundary is the New Town bridge to include under the bridges.  You may fish under but cannot cross under the bridges to fish beyond them.

Boats & Motors:            Boats and motors must comply with State regulations.  All boats MUST have a livewell.  Boats will be given an ID number and the number should be placed on the passenger side above the water line. 

Weighing & Scoring:     Once a team has weighed in their catch, they are NOT permitted to go back out to try for any other specie or tournament weight.  Under NO circumstances shall anyone other than the team members or tournament officials handle or touch the catch until after it has been presented to the officials at the weigh-in scale.  One team member must verify weights and initial the scale ticket.  Initialing means acceptance of the weight as written.

Only walleye, sauger, and saugeye will be weighed.  Only fish 15 inches or greater will be weighed (pinched tail measurement).  This is a live release tournament.  Dead fish (as judged by the weighmaster) will be subject to a 20% penalty and are NOT eligible for the “big fish” prize.   Due to the “no cull” rule in North Dakota, 10 fish are allowed in the boat with 5 to be weighed.  Scale will open at 10 AM and will be open all day.  Once a fish is weighed it is included in the eligible 5.  Culling is cheating and all cheaters will be disqualified and not eligible for future CVB tournaments.

Any ties will be determined by the biggest fish weighed by each tied team.

Inspection:                    All boats will be subject to inspection prior to the tournament.  Please arrive early both days.  All boats are also subject to inspection at any time during the tournament.  Anyone found to be cheating will be immediately disqualified and will forfeit all entry fees and will be barred from future entry.

Spirit of the Rule:          All rules have loopholes.  It is the intention of the sponsor to provide an honest, sportsmanlike tournament.  In the interest of good sportsmanship, contestants are reminded that the “spirit of the rule” will prevail in all situations.

Payouts and prizes:     Prizes will be awarded on a team basis.  Prizes will be announced and paid at the completion of the tournament after tournament officials make verification.  All payouts for cash prizes are based on a full field of 100 teams. Balance of payout will be based on number of tournament entries, paying out 85% of the entries plus any additional prizes solicited. 10% of all entry fees will go to North Dakota Game & Fish Department. Ties will be resolved by awarding the place to the team with the largest single catch. Placing will be adjusted accordingly.  If there is a protest, Cash payments will be issued to individual team members within 10 working days of the tournament after verification of results by tournament officials has been made.  Sponsors, supporters or other invested parties may offer contingency prizes and are the sole responsibility of them to fulfill.  These will be posted and/or announced at the rules meeting.
Protests:                       Only contestants and tournament officials have the right to contest the actions of another team or contestant.  Protests by contestants must be filed in writing with the tournament director, in person, no later than one (1) hour after the close of that fishing day.  Two hundred fifty ($250) dollar protest fee must accompany any protest offered by a contestant.  The Tournament Committee will convene to investigate and make a decision regarding the protest.  The Protest Committee and their agents are authorized to utilize polygraph examinations and any other investigative techniques, including testimony under oath, in order to determine the validity of the protest or the charge against any contestant(s).  The decision of the Protest Committee shall be by a majority vote and shall be final in all cases.  Contestants waive any right or opportunity to appeal the decision of the Protest Committee to a higher authority including any court or jurisdiction in this or any other state.  If a protest by a contestant is found to be valid, the protest fee will be returned.  If the protest is found invalid, the fee will not be returned.  Any person found violating the rules may be immediately disqualified and the reasons for said disqualification announced at weigh-in.

Rules Meeting:               At least one team member is required to attend the rules meeting on Friday, October 4, 7pm at the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds.  Failure to attend this meeting will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry.  It is the responsibility of each team to check in by 7pm.

Photo Release:               I understand that photographs, film or videotapes of me during my participation in the tournament may be used for commercial purposes by tournament organizers, sponsors and the news media without royalties or prior consent. 

Miscellaneous:               No participant may leave his boat for any reason during the fishing day.

All questions or problems relating to the rules of this tournament or any situation which arises regarding a possible disqualification are to be referred to the tournament committee.  Their decision will be final in all cases.

All winners agree to provide signed W-9 forms to the organizers for tax purposes.
Emergency Contact:   For on the water tournament day emergencies, please call Jeff 701-770-0199  or Jason 701-570-3321 or the
State Park Office 701-859-3071.

CVB Contact:              To contact the Williston Convention & Visitors Bureau, Monday-Friday 8a-5p call 701-774-9041.