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Lewis & Clark Big 10 Showdown 2019

Dates: Oct 05 2019 - Oct 06 2019
Lake Sakakawea launching out of Lewis & Clark State Park

This is a catch and release walleye tournament with an estimated prize schedule (based on a full roster of 100 teams) as follows:

1st: $30,000
2nd: $17,500
3rd: $12,500
4th: $8000
5th: $4500
6th: $3500
7th: $3000
8th: $2500
9th: $2000
10th: $150

The entry fee is $1000 per two person team.

Fishing Area: Lewis & Clark bridge to New Town bridge

Scoring: Catch & Release tournament. Teams are permitted 10 fish in the boat; five walleye will be weighed and scored. All fish will be released.  

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded per team. Payouts are based on a full field of 100 teams.

Find complete rules and more information here.
Registered Participants: