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* I understand I will be asked to provide my social security number if I win $600 or more in cash prizes during the tournament. Check will not be released until this information is provided.

Payment Information
* I understand my registration is not complete until I have paid my team entry fee of $1000.00. I can pay online as part of this registration survey or I can pay in person at the Visitors Center (212 Airport Rd) or over the phone at 701-774-9041 during business hours.
Online Team Registration $1000
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Other Notices
* Release of Liability/Waiver: We the undersigned hereby release the Williston Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Tournament Committee, Tournament sponsors, promoters, their officials, employees, anyone acting on their behalf in conjunction with the Williston CVB and their agents from any and all liability for death, injury, damage, theft, fire or any loss occurring during this event.
* I have read and understand the rules as provided with this application. I agree to comply by them. I understand I am required to sign a waiver form at the Rules Meeting on Sept 30 or come sign a waiver prior to Sept 30 if I do not plan to attend the Rules Meeting.
* By signing this application, I agree to all terms and conditions of this tournament including submitting to a polygraph test if and when directed to.