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We are so excited to be hosting the Annual Cornhole Tournament in conjunction with the North Dakota Chokecherry Festival.

The tournament is split into two leagues: a competitive league for ages 12+ and a family/casual league for all ages. You may register for either or both leagues in two person teams. Each league will have prizes for top places.

Competitive League: for ages 12+:
-Early Online Registration fee per team is $40
-Day of registrations per team is $60
-Guaranteed 2 games
-Grand Prize will be 80% of registration proceeds (for example: $40 x 15 teams = $600. 80% paid out is $480!)
-Additional prizes for 2nd and 3rd places will follow
-Play begins at 10am on August 8

Family (Casual) League: for all ages, or have an adult present
-Early Bird Registration fee per team is $20
-Day of registration per team is $40
-Guaranteed 2 games
-Grand Prize is $100 cash
-Additional prizes for 2nd and 3rd places will follow
-play begins at 11am on August 8

Other Rules:
-2019 Champions of the Competitive League will receive a first-round bye
-There will only be 1 game played per set (no "best 2 out of 3 games)
-Teams may register the day of but only cash will be accepted. Day of registration begins at 9am and closes at 930am.

All teams must check-in to the "Cornhole Hub" (RV donated by Rugby Homes on the east side of Spring Lake Park by the sand volleyball courts).
Official rules will be posted at the Hub for the duration of the tournaments. It is up to the participants to read the rules posted and play accordingly. 
Vendors will be set up near the courts during the day.
Register: Items marked with an * are required.
* Team Name
* Player 1 Name (First Name, Last Name)
* Player 2 Name (First Name, Last Name)
* Player 1 Contact Number
* Player 2 Contact Number
* Team E-mail (for notifications)

League Type
$40 Competitive League (ages 12+)
$20 Casual League

Waiver and Fair Play Acknowledgment
* * * By submitting this entry form, you agree to this waiver: In consideration of the acceptance of my entry for myself, my executors, administrators and assignees, I do hereby release and discharge the event organizers and any other sponsoring or participating organizations of the Annual Chokecherry Festival Cornhole Tournament from all claims arising or growing out of my participation in this event. I attest and verify I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this event and I am physically ready and able to participate in the tournament. I also agree this tournament is a friendly competition. All decision of the Chokecherry Committee, if required, are final. We expect the honor system to be used for score keeping by all teams. :