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Vendors, please review the information in this link:

Hello Vendors!

This year, the ND Chokecherry Festival will be held in Spring Lake Park. Entertainment and activities will be held at multiple stations and stages throughout the park to keep people moving around the 1 mile loop. Vendors will also be stationed around the loop.

The event will be following ND Department of Health Recommendations for large group gatherings.
Register: Items marked with an * are required.
* Name of Business

Type of Booth (10 x 10 space)
Non-Electrical $40
Electrical 20 Amp (220 Volt regular household plug) $75
Electrical 30/50 Amp $75
Additional Booth Space $40 (total booth 10 x 20)
2nd Additional Booth Space $40 (total booth 10 x 30)
* For load in and planning purposes, what is the size of your booth (from hitch to end bumper if it is a trailer) or finished set up size:
Type of Vendor
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* * I understand I am responsible for adherring to all required regulations set forth for food vendors by the North Dakota Department of Health. I have contacted the NDDoH and have received my state permit number, as follows: (please enter N/A if you are not required to have one)
* ND Tax Permit Number:
* * I have read and I understand the Vendor Information page for this event, as listed on the event page on the Williston CVB (Visit Williston) website (direct link located above this survey). I understand if I do not follow the regulations set forth in this agreement, I forfeit all monies paid to the Williston CVB and may be banned from any and all future events organized by the Williston CVB:
* * I understand my booth space is not reserved until it is paid for: