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Adult Craft Night

Enjoy Craft Night at the Keel Boat!
You have the choice between making 1, 2 or all 3 crafts while enjoying free wine and tons of great food!
Bring some girlfriends and have an easy girls night with us!

The initial cost of the night is $50 and we provide everything you need for the ultimate girls night in...without the mess at home!
Time will go from 6p-8-830p
If you'd like to add on the other crafts we will be doing this night, it is simply a $25 fee per craft.
Please make sure you are specifying which craft you'd like to do as we will only have enough crafts for the ones signed up!

Your options for crafts this year:

Holiday Gnome Set:

Make a pair of holiday gnomes and join the frenzy!
We provide everything on how to do this easy and festive craft! It's a great add-on to the evening and make great gifts!

Holiday Soap Making Kit:

Enjoy making homemade gifts for yourself or for a friend! We will provide you with a full kit on how to make soap complete with fragrances, molds, and the tools needed to get you started on your soap making journey that you get to take home with you!

Please Note: the Blanket Ladder craft has sold out!
Holiday Blanket Ladder:

We provide the ladder and an impressive array of items to decorate with as well as many paints and stains! You can use this as a blanket ladder in your bedroom or living room or get really crafty and add it to your bathroom to hang towels, or closet for clothing overflow! The cool things people have done with these are definitely pinterest worthy!

Please remember to check which craft you would like to do as well as any add-ons. This insures we have enough crafts for everyone who signed up!

See you there!
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