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Here in northwest North Dakota, we have a variety of landscapes all around us: winding rivers, open plains, dramatic bluffs and rolling hills. What we lack in nightlife is more than made up for with the night sky, and although we don't have huge music or sports venues, we do have unending opportunities to discover the great outdoors without falling all over each other or waiting in line. We are blessed.

We would love to see how you are self isolating.. outside! Over the next 8 weeks, we are running a photo contest featuring the great outdoors. We want to see your North Dakota views. We will take our favorites and turn them into brand new North Dakota sticker designs. We will make the stickers available in the Williston Visitors Center, and our winners will get special North Dakota care packages including a generous handful of stickers featuring their photo. We will also be doing weekly drawings for people who e-mail, DM or tag their photo submissions.

The only rules for this contest are:
1. no people in the photo (but pets and wildlife are fine)
2. it must be YOUR photo!
3. it must be taken in NW ND or be representative of ND (a wheatfield in central ND looks alot like a wheat field in NW ND. We would still love to see your photos!)
4. photos may be taken at any time (not just in the next 8 weeks). Send in your spring, summer and fall photos, too!

Ways to submit your photos:

E-mail them to
DM them on IG to @VisitWilliston
Tag them on IG #NDStickerContest
DM them on FB to @VisitWilliston