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Our local businesses are struggling to connect with customers in strange times. Some depend on annual events and social gatherings for business. Some have reduced staff due to schools being temporarily closed. Some are mandated to have reduced services. All of them are feeling the pinch of less foot traffic through their doors. Learn how they are coming up with creative ways to stay in touch and generate sales! Support your local merchants any way you can over the coming weeks. Check their Facebook pages for updates on their operating hours and any programs they are offering.

This is not a complete list! We are featuring businesses offering modified services or products as we hear about them.  If you don't see your favorite business listed, get in touch with them. They need your support. If you are a local business and would like to be included in this list, contact us and tell us what you are up to. This is also a great way to get inspired by your fellow entrepreneurs and think of new ways to connect to your customers. The links will take you directly to each merchant's Facebook page or website. Restaurants have their own page; check it out! They are not listed here:

Black Magic Harley-Davidson
Black Magic is offering curbside delivery (they will run it outside to you) if you would prefer to call in to place and pay for your item ahead of time. Customers can also shop to have merchandise shipped free and direct to their homes (and Black Magic will still get partial credit for the sale). They also offer gift cards! Check their FB page for some Black Magic items you won't find anywhere else. (701) 572-1798

Books On Broadway
Chuck is open! The staff is putting together "Stuck at Home" grab bags to help create family fun and spur creativity and/or to expand your mind. If you don't want to come in and linger, give them a call or DM them on their FB page. If you tell them "I love a good mystery" or "I enjoy regional history," you can trust them to find something you will love to read. They also offer gift cards. (701) 572-1433

Buffalo Rose Company
Tonasa is open (inside Fresh Fit Kitchen)! Check out her online event and activity kit she created called Beards & Bows. This would be a great family activity! (435) 691-1906

Cooks On Main
Angela and her crew are open! For those who prefer not to come in, she is offering curbside pickup (just call ahead) and once daily deliveries for those in need. She has also put together an assortment of grab bags including popular infused olive oils, seasoning mixes and recipe cards. If you are bored at home, come get a grab bag and try out a new recipe at home! Check out her Facebook page for lots of video updates. (701) 572-2665
Grace & Glam
The retail store is open 10a-6p, Tues-Sat and they are encouraging patrons to shop them online! They offer curbside pickup 12PM-4PM. Grace & Glam also have fun features like Looks of the Day on Instagram (@mygraceandglam) and on Facebook, and they post all new arrivals on their website ( Check out their Instagram stories for "try on hauls." Grace & Glam offers gift cards for any amount. They are also open to home delivery if needed. Please call or DM to get in touch.  (701) 774-1973

Grand Theater
Missing movie popcorn? Guess what? The South Grand Theater will be offering drive-up concessions! Park in front, and an employee will come out to greet you and take your order, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6-9p. Check their FB page for updates.

Little Muddy Gifts
Dana's downtown shop is offering private shopping by appointment only, moving forward! To book the appointment, visit her Facebook page and click the "Book Now" button. Appointments are available 10a-6p in 15 minute increments. Staff will be cleaning before and after each customer and none of them have traveled out of state in the last two weeks. Gift cards are also available.  (701) 713-4435

QuickDraw Art Studio
Melissa is open 12-5p, Mon-Sat. The studio also offers curbside delivery if you would like to call and purchase ahead of time. Check out QuickDraw's Facebook page for live videos, daily printable art and fun take-n-make art bags to turn on your family's creativity. (701) 577-3729

Style Uncorked
Kim has closed her doors for the time being so she can be at home with her little ones, but she has a website up shortly for you to shop from and is offering evening delivery! She will also be doing Facebook Live episodes to show you what she has in stock and other fun information (which you can watch at any time, not just when she goes live). Kim will also be offering gift card specials and grab bags with fun things for you to try at home. Connect with Kim via FB!

Landon has closed for the time being to help keep the community healthy, but asks that you check out a great special he is running on VRKade gift cards right now! They can be purchased here online and mailed directly to your home, no pick up necessary. For every $50 loaded onto the card, customers get 30 minutes playtime free! The cards can be redeemed once VRKade is open again.