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Keeping your own company can make anyone feel a little weird. Thank you to everyone doing your part to keep some distance between you and, well.. everybody else!

We are using this page to compile ideas on how to start some new routines, take care of some chores, get creative and learn new things. Check out our "Keep Your Distance" Activity Card to get inspired. Each numbered box has a corresponding line below the card with links and/or more information (if needed). Complete your card (date each box when you complete it) and E-MAIL IT TO We will put you in a drawing for some great gift cards to local businesses! We would love to have quite a few winners, so keep those completed activity cards coming in.
We will do a weekly drawing starting April 10.

As always, practice good social distancing while you work on your activity card and remember to wash, wash, wash your hands!

You can also download the Activity Card here:

1. Check out a list of restaurants in Williston and pick your favorite!

2. Completing your Census means your community will be accurately represented and gets its fair share of the more than $675 billion per year in federal funds spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs. If you spend 51% of your time in North Dakota, count yourself in North Dakota!

3. Even if your favorite business is temporarily closed or you prefer to stay home as much as possible, you can still support them! Go on Facebook and follow their page, if they have one. Read their recent posts. Leave an encouraging comment about why you shop there.

4. Jotting down your thoughts in weird times helps reduce anxiety, and it will likely make for interesting reading later. You can start a journal in any notebook, or if you want to go digital but aren't sure how to start, check out this (or any other) online blogging tutorial. It can be a personal online journal project, or you can explore, teach and learn about a subject you are passionate in along with any readers you might pick up along the way. Just want to check out some blogs and get new reading material? There is great stuff out there! Check out blogs on hunting, hiking and all things outdoors here. Or how about food? Find awesome food bloggers (and their recipes). If you like to laugh, your favorite humorists you just haven't discovered yet are all out there. Check them out, too. 

5. Being stuck at home is a great time to daydream about all those places you would like to visit. And you have the time to research them! Make a list of places you would like to check out over the next few years and read up on the local culture, food, climate and tips from travel bloggers who have recommended them. Get inspired with this list of the best US national parks to escape the crowds. After all, #ThisLandIsYourLand.

6. Read a book! Pick up one you started months ago and finish it. Download one to your Kindle. Order one online. Or check out the online resource library from the Williston Community Library! They are offering a six month online resource library card for any Williams County resident. Check their Facebook page for the signup link and for tutorials on how to use it, as well as other virtual events the library offers.

7. Everyone loves to get mail. Especially now. Jot a note and put in an envelope. Don't have one? Make one! Making envelopes is a cute homemade touch to do with your kids, too.

8. No, you don't have to start a pile of things that will collect more dust. This could be a new Spotify playlist. It could be small rocks you find on the shore shaped like hearts. It could be going through your camera roll on your phone and picking out your favorite 25 to order as small prints or a photo book. Get creative!

9. Share the love! The small business community is taking a beating. People tend to leave comments when they have a negative experience, but rarely when they have a great one! You have the time- make a difference to them and show them your support. Go on Yelp and leave a good review. Then do it on their Facebook page and Etsy store if they have one, too!

10. Get inspired! Try some new ingredients or cooking methods. Check out a list of Top 25 Easy Recipes from 2019 by AllRecipes or search for other lists that meet your dietary needs.

11. All through our elementary years, art was a big part of life. What happened? Tap into your creative side. It doesn't have to be good; it just has to be yours. There are TONS of online resources for everything from weird adult coloring books and learning zentangle (yes, you can do it) to Lunch Doodles with Mo Williems or making a potato selfie. Just get in there and try something. Maybe this is a good way to start your new blog.

12. Missing someone? Or just bored and wanting to chat with someone whose brain is on a different wave length than yours? Check in on that friend you last talked to at the 10 year reunion or track down an old work out buddy. Chances are, they wouldn't mind catching up for a few minutes, either.

13. If this isn't another great way to jumpstart your travel wishlist, we don't know what is. Check out this list of museums offering virtual tours.

14. Get some fresh air. Go find a quiet spot down a dirt road with a clear view to the west and hope for colorful show. North Dakota is known for them!

15. More restaurants are offering delivery options! Call your favorites and see if they are. Here is a list of local restaurants linked to their Facebook pages along with their phone numbers.

16. Did you get good food? Enjoyed trying something new? Had great service? Get on a community forum or Facebook page and mention it. "Needed help at Business XYZ. They showed me some options and answered all my questions. So thankful to have them in town." Done. So easy! And it means so much to a local business.

17. We all had a movie we watched over and over again. Back to the Future? Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Find movie lists from your childhood and track down some memories. And guess what? You can get fresh movie popcorn from the downtown theaters now to go along with it on the weekend. Just drive up (South Grand Theater) and an employee will come out to greet you and take your order for hot, fresh movie theater popcorn to enjoy at home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6-9p. Check their FB page for updates.

18. Get some fresh air! Clean up your yard. Sit on the front steps and read. Decorate your apartment balcony. Go for a drive through the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Find ways to get outside while staying solo.

19. Yes, your best friend WOULD like to hear you chew your food. Don't skip out on your weekly lunch date with a friend or co-worker just because you can't do it together. This is Facetime's moment to shine.

20. It is time. Go through that whole column of curious, junk packed drawers beside the sink. Throw out the pens that don't work. Find containers for all the push pins and nails rolling around in there. You will not believe the sense of accomplishment once you are done. Get tips on getting through it in 30 minutes. 

21. Start a stretching routine. Find an online workout class. Check out the Williston Parks 21 Day Fitness Challenge and other programs being offered by Williston Parks. Being at home more means being more creative for your own mobility, flexibility and general physical health.

22. There are so many great thinkers, storytellers and comedians out there. Get started down the rabbit hole with a list of "Best of 2019".
Better yet, text a coworker or friend and ask what their favorites are. They will probably surprise you.

23. Not a drive through person? Well, today is the day you try something new. Whether you get a hot chocolate from a coffee kiosk or a box of dilly bars from DQ, don't forget to step out and support your local businesses. =)

24. Join the world's largest treasure hunt! There are over 800 caches within 100 miles of Williston, ND. Not in Williston? Get started and enter in your town into the search perameters to see how far your exploration will take you. It's free and you can do it all by yourself!