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Spring Fever anyone? If you are going nuts spending all this extra time at home, think how your kids are feeling!

If you need indoor activities for your littles, check out Zoom fitness classes through the Williston Parks Facebook page and great home workouts, as well. The library also offers FB live storytime! And a number of retailers are offering classes and workshops online. Check in with your favorites to see what they are up to.

But if you are loving this beautiful spring weather we've been having, here are some social distancing friendly ideas to get the family out of the house!

We have created a new twist on our "Keep Your Distance" activity card and made a version just for kids. Check out ideas for art, science, motor activities and more! Each numbered box has a corresponding line below the card with links and/or more information (if needed). There are outdoor activities and indoor activities. Get inspired and get creative!

As always, practice good social distancing while you work on your activity card and remember to wash, wash, wash your hands!

You can also download your activity card here:

1. Break out the duct tape! This is an easy and fun activity for your walk around the block, in the park or through your own backyard. It couldn't be easier. Check it out.

2. Think of tasks to give your child so they can help make a favorite family supper or choose a kid friendly menu you work on beside them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

3. Right now, we are all missing our friends and family. Get your child the supplies (and the address) to write a letter, create a homemade card or make a drawing to mail to someone your family doesn't see every day. You can even make your own envelope if you don't have one at your house!

4. Making a bookmark is a fun and easy craft you can really use your imagination for. Usually, you have what you need at your house already! Here are some ideas.

5. Scavenger hunts are a great way to help kids see the world around them, and to learn about the items in the scavenger hunt. For this one, they collect samples in a muffin tin. Print our template, cut it out and tape it into the bottom of your muffin tin!
Get your free printable here:

6. Creating elf and troll homes outdoors is a fun way to spur young imaginations. They can make figures out of pinecones, create teepees or lean-to structures with sticks, use leaves for walls or roofs and pebbles for landscaping. Show kids some examples to get them going, or help make the first one and see if a whole little neighborhood springs up. If you make one in a park or campground, prepare them in advance for leaving it behind, and explain that part of the fun is checking back later to see if it is still there.

7. Have your child pick out their favorite book and read it to you, a family member, your pet or even someone over Facetime! If they aren't a reader yet, ask them to grab their favorite and retell the story to you. You might be surprised how they interpret the illustrations to make the story move forward. 

8. Let your child show you how to do something. Ideas: how to navigate an Xbox game, how to use an app, how to do a hands-on science project they had in school, how to draw something or explaining a math concept.

9. This science project is perfect for spring and fascinating for kids and adults. Turn your salad scraps and discarded fruit pits into food. Find out how to regrow it, here.

10. Bring the great outdoors inside! Or have them do this outside. There is paint involved, after all. Mandalas focus on color and repeating patterns, so it is a great art idea for all ages and skill levels. Get the instructions and see some photo inspiration, here.

11. Go to the museum! A number of famous museums around the world are opening their doors for virtual guests. Pick one a day until you run out!

12. We are all experiencing the same weird time. Encourage your child to make some art and brighten up a neighor's day. You can help them hang it on the outside of their window or tape it the wall outside their apartment.

13. If you haven't seen this chalk art project yet, now you can find out all about it. Help your kids create their "stained glass" masterpiece on your sidewalk or a park sidewalk, or even a fence or exterior wall. All you need is some sidewalk chalk and painters tape. You make the template, let them fill it in!

14. This is the party trick all adults wish they knew, even if they won't admit it. Learn with your kids (or by yourself) in this guide geared for beginners.

15. It's easy, cheap and kids can do it over and over again- or until you run out supplies. From finding and collecting rocks, to painting them and sealing them, to "hiding" them for others to find, this is a multi-day project that kids will look forward to working on.

16. Go outside! This scavenger hunt engages all the senses and you don't need to collect a thing. Use the checklist to observe the world around us and try some new outdoor places to find them all.
Get your free printable here:

17. Kids love flashy science experiments, and adults love not creating huge messes or burning down the kitchen. Check out this project that delivers on all counts, then google some more fun kid friendly science experiments to try on your own. Check out the links at the bottom of the Salt Volcano website page to get started.

18. It's good for you and it's good for them. Make a habit of taking a daily walk. It can be in your neighborhood, in a park, on a dirt road or 15 times around your back yard. As long as you are observing social distancing and washing your hands, a little sunshine does the body good.

19. Kids love to see items magically appear on paper as they drag crayons or colored pencils over objects you collect outdoors. You can probably pull this one together without ordering any supplies, too! Check out this page for inspiration.

20. The birds are back! And you can help them feel at home and even make their own. Find out how!  And check out a great variety of other awesome ways to learn about birds both online and outside.

21. We love this one- assemble some bright construction paper and some objects with interesting 2D shapes. Legos work great. Learn how to pull it altogether, here.

22. Has your family completed the census! It helps your tax dollars get back to the community you live and work in. Find the census online.

23. Make a rainbow! In your freezer. Find more great STEAM experiments for more hands-on fun.

24. All about the birds: North Dakota has tons of them. You can help attract them to your yard by creating easy feeders!