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Week 6: Friday, May 29

Posted: May 29 2020
Business 1

This family owned business came to Williston in 2014 as Starboard, and changed its name and rebranded in January 2020. The retail store is known for carrying Oakley and other well-known brand labels, as well as their social involvement.

What would the owner like people to know about the business? The location. They have a beautiful retail space in a newer commercial development on the west edge of town behind Sakura. They also don’t mark up their prices over what the manufacturers mark them at, and always welcome special orders.

His favorite part about the store is it helps people look their best in all of life’s many situations.

We asked the owner what he appreciates most about the people in Williston. He replied, “I have seen our community come together and help those in need.”

And one final trivia item to help you get to know him better: the owner knows Vietnamese. 

Business 2

This store features North Dakota made and themed products in a building that was purchased for $1 and moved to its current location. After many phases of improvement to the building and grounds, the location now includes a small park and gazebo for people to enjoy with a carved outdoor sculpture featuring popular local fish species.

The store is known for stocking products made from the state fruit, the chokecherry, along with other speciality items like bison jerky and locally sourced honey. It has seasonal hours but will reopen June 2!

The staff misses seeing all their regular customers and meeting new people who are looking for something "North Dakota." They can't wait to reopen.