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It’s undeniable. There’s a lot happening in the Williston area. But the truth is, there always has been.

This place where the Yellowstone and the Missouri rivers meet has been a booming crossroads for centuries. It was a gathering place for the earliest people of the plains. It was a rendezvous point for fur traders and explorers, and later for the frontier army. It has drawn together generations of agricultural producers. Today with the Bakken oil formation, Williston is home to hardworking folks making North Dakota the nation’s second largest oil-producing state.

The Williston area today is a regional center for business and play, history and development, fun and adventure. When you visit Williston — or if you’re a new resident — you’ll find extraordinary historic sites, world-class hunting and fishing, nearby national and state parks, nationally-ranked golf links and a lot more. This place is booming with things to do, and now with new hotels and restaurants.

Plan ahead for best availability of accommodations, events and attractions!

Enjoy your time in Williston.