Full Circle Strength Systems

Full Circle Strength Systems
Full Circle Strength Systems is not your ordinary gym. Although there is some typical gym equipment, Mitch and Lacee created a one-of-a-kind facility that incorporates aspects of many different strength sports. In their gym, you can expect to see equipment that will push you to your limits. Full Circle Strength Systems promotes the use of implements such as large tractor tires, rope climbs, sleds, atlas stones, yokes, frames, circus dumbbells, and so much more! In this old school style weight room, you can train exactly like all the best athletes in the world, with focus and motivation!

Everyone is welcome! Though we are based on the ideals of strength and power, ultimately we want to invite anyone who has a passion for gaining muscle mass, competing, experiencing strongman events, powerlifting, or those starting to take steps into a healthier lifestyle.
412 47th St W
(701) 774-5036
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