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The idea of opening a fabric store began several years ago. We have always loved fabric- the colors, the smells, the warm touch of the flannels and soft, fluffy touch of minky, the cool, crisp feel of cotton and the rugged texture of canvas; plus the endless possibilities of what could be created amazed us! But, we had just opened a health food store and the idea of jumping into another venture that we again knew nothing about, freaked us out a little. So, we planned and researched and put everything on hold.

Five years later, we began quilting, I mean really quilting. Before, we dabbled, but now we went HARD and our old desire to own a fabric store reignited. Our health food store required less attention, so the timing was perfect. We pulled out all of our old data and began the process from where we had left off before. Within six months, our doors opened and we have been busting it ever since!!
214 Main St
(701) 720-1487
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