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Find the Art

Williston is home for a wide variety of outdoor art installations. Can you find them all? Use the reference map for help! Find descriptions and addresses below the map. Please do not lean or climb on any statuary; they break!

Print the map to take with you!

Art Map
  1. Watch out for the stampede!
    A herd of metalwork bison charge around Doc Holliday's Roadhouse, along with life size riders and a stagecoach under ambush. 3901 2nd Ave W, Williston
  2. The Visitors Center is a great place to pick up some Made in ND products, take a nap in the shade, find maps, Visitor Guides and more. Discover three of the region's most popular sport fish carved from the trunk of a long dead tree along the fence in the tiny adjacent park. The same artist created the life-sized statue of Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who acted as an interpreter on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. You can find her installed near the flagpoles. 212 34th St W, Williston
  3. Say hello to a colorful trio of cows outside of Gramma Sharon's Family Restaurant. They love to have their photos taken! 1501 16th St W, Williston
  4. Make your way to the Williston Community Library to see the giant wheat scupture. Dedicated in 1987 this landmark honors "the wheat farmers -- the men and women who broke the sod, planted the wheat and prayed that the rains would come, the grasshoppers would go, the prairie fires would die and the wind would calm." 1302 Davidson Dr, Williston
  5. Only a block south of the wheat, find some art by nature! Check out the giant petrified tree stumps in front of the Raymond Family Community Center. 1002 11th St W, Williston
  6. Don't miss Harmon Park:
    This centrally located green space is home to a large number of statuary. When many of its trees succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease, the trunks were stripped of bark and repurposed as public art. Find the Scandanavian Nisser keeping a benevolent eye over the playground, the fairy tale characters and the examples of North Dakota wildlife. Don't forget the skate park! 1215 Main St, Williston
  7. The Statue of Liberty, or a handcarved hardwood version of her anyway, can be seen in the sidewalk boulevard where 1st Ave W meets 8th St.
  8. The James Memorial Library was opened on February 27, 1911 with a banquet and grand ball. Over the years, it has undergone many changes and was considered for demolition in the early 90s.. Saved by concerned citizens, it is now a visual arts center for Williston and the surrounding community, hosting events, art exhibits in the upstairs gallery and art classes for youth and adults in the basement. Check their hours  (located on the front page, under the building photo) and stop in to see the current exhibits! 621 1st Ave W, Williston
  9. The downtown area is home to several murals, but the Williston-themed art on the back of the town's newspaper building is the largest! There is free parking at the Williston Herald, too. Get out, stretch and do some shopping in this unique area.
    14 W 4th Street, Williston
  10. There are two alleyway door murals downtown that we know of (locations 10 & 11). One is located behind Cooks on Main (224 Main St) and
  11. one on the west side of the Renaissance Building, located at the corner of Main and 2nd St.
  12. Wings on the wall- park your friend, kid or grandma up against the wall of this local biker bar hotspot and take their photo. 24 2nd St E, Williston
  13. We saved the best for last! Take a walking tour through Williston's history at Williston State College to find six bronze statuary installations including The Pioneer, The Rancher, Sitting Bull, The Airman, The Driller and Clark's Table. Each outdoor sculpture includes an interpretive panel by History Professor Richard Stenberg. 1410 University Ave, Williston