Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Williston, ND with our tailored itineraries for art lovers.
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Art Lover

Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Williston, ND with our tailored itineraries for art lovers. Explore galleries, public art installations, and cultural hubs that showcase the city's creative spirit. Plan your artistic journey to experience the diverse expressions shaping Williston's cultural landscape. Start your art-inspired adventure now!

Breakfast Sandwich @ Young Bucks

Young Bucks Coffee & Eatery is the perfect spot for a fresh, unique breakfast on the go. If you prefer to sit and savor your custom coffee drink, enjoy their cute seating area. Great for families, too! There is a large indoor playground onsite. 

Inside Life Church, 1905 26th St / (701)580-6060 

Sculpture & Mural Hunt

Discover a variety of public art throughout Williston! Check Harmon Park in the middle of town for wood sculptures of familiar fairytale characters, regional wildlife and Scandinavian folklore. Discover the Shoshone guide of Lewis & Clark Expedition and her baby at the Williston Visitors Center. Mural lovers, head downtown! You will find a Williston themed wall on The Herald building, plus more examples on doors and walls throughout the downtown area. Electrical boxes showcasing local artists' work are also featured in this part of town.

Visit the Herd @ Doc Holliday's Roadhouse

If you haven't made it to nearby Theodore Roosevelt National Park yet, you can see dozens of life-sized bison rendered in pieced and welded metal at this Wild West themed restaurant. Snap a selfie with a charging bull or a sprinting calf, then go inside for lunch. The food is great! 

3901 2nd Ave W / (701)609-5331 

Tour the James

Welcome to Williston's original public library! Built in 1911, the building now hosts new art exhibits every month, offers art classes for all ages and is a popular event venue. Check out the galleries and ask for a tour! Find their class schedule and hours online: 

621 1st Ave W / (701)774-3601 

Shop Local Makers @ Hansens Unlimited

You never know what you might find at Hansens Unlimited! This creatives' incubator offers booth space to local artists, artisans and crafters on a monthly basis. You will likely find refurbished furniture, metal yard art, clothing, jewelry, crafts and home decor. Craft supplies too! 

2017 2nd Ave West / (701)713-7600