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Food & Drink

From restaurants to pastry and coffee shops, the Williston area offers a wide variety of cuisine from sushi or Thai to melt-in-your-mouth local beef steaks, to decadent desserts, craft brews and signature cocktails.
3 Amigos Logo
3 Amigos
1007 Main St
3 Beans Espresso Logo
3 Beans Espresso
624 2nd Street W
3E Pastry Cafe Logo
3E Pastry Cafe
14 2nd St W
Cars under the canapoy
701 Speed Shop
706 2nd St W
Applebee's Logo
6 26th St W
Arby's Logo
1107 2nd Ave W
Bakken Boba & Brew Logo
Bakken Boba & Brew
124 51st St W
Buffalo Wild Wings Logo
Buffalo Wild Wings
417 Reiger Dr
CCups - Logo
C Cups Espresso
407 32nd Ave W
Caffeinated Logo
4315 9th Ave W
Coffee Post Building
Coffee Post
300 11th St W
Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Image
Cold Stone Creamery
3210 27th St W
Sweet Caramel Apples
Courthouse Cafe
205 E Broadway
Water and Shaved Ice
Creekside Water and Ice
433 Reiger Drive
Culver's Logo
401 Reiger Dr
Dabeno's Bistro Logo
Dabeno’s Bistro
3701 4th Ave W
Daily Addiction Logo
Daily Addiction
307 Main Street
Inside the Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen
1022 1st Ave W
Dakota Farms Logo
Dakota Farms
1906 2nd Ave W
Dirty Dough & Soda Shack  image
Dirty Dough & Soda Shack
1135 2nd Ave W Ste 204
Domino’s Pizza image
Domino’s Pizza
523 Main St
Authentic  Mexician Dish
Don Pedro’s
2516 2nd Ave W
The Egg Logo
The Egg & Tequila Bar
2406 2nd Ave W
Famous Dave's Logo
Famous Dave’s
1518 14th St W
Fresh Palate Logo
Fresh Palate
214 Main Street
Galvin's Bakery
The Galvan’s Bakery
1508 2nd Ave W
Grandma Sharon's Logo
Gramma Sharon’s
1501 16th St W
Grand Treasure Casino  image
Grand Treasure Casino
4418 147th Ave NW
Hardee's Logo
1020 2nd Ave W
Horseshoe Bar & Grill Food Image
Horseshoe Bar & Grill
4510 2nd Ave W
Hula Grill Logo
Hula Grill
23 Main St
Jack and Juice Logo
Jack & Juice
313 Main Street
Jimmy John's Logo
Jimmy John’s
721 E Highland Dr
Lake Side Latte Logo
Lakeside Latte
15 miles W of Williston
Little Caesars Logo
Little Caesars
4315 9th Ave W
Lund's Landing Image
Lunds Landing
11350 Hwy 1804
2222 2nd Ave W
Papa Johns Logo
Papa Johns
120 26th St E
Papa Murphey's Logo
Papa Murphy’s
433 Reiger Dr
PIT 105 Logo
Pit 105
213 11th St W
Pita Palace Logo
Pita Palace
216 Main
The Porch image
The Porch
124 Railroad Ave
Qdoba Logo
120 26th St E
Front door
Reyes Taqueria
107 8th Ave W
Rice Bomb Logo
Rice Bomb
302 14th St W
Rig Lounge Interior
The Rig Lounge & Grill
6805 105th Dr NW
Sagas Primehouse Logo
Sagas Primehouse
18 2nd St E
Slim Chickens Logo
Slim Chickens
3118 3rd Ave W
Soda Shack Image
Soda Shack
10 26th St E
Mexican Burrito
Spicy Mexican Food
2605 19th Ave W
Store Front
Star Thai Cuisine
413 Main Street
Subway image
1918 2nd Ave W
Subway (Walmart) Logo
Subway (Walmart)
4001 2nd Ave W
Taco John's Logo
Taco John’s
1215 2nd Ave W
Tortilleria Mexico Logo
Tortilleria Mexico
819 11th St W
Food at Young Bucks Coffee
Young Bucks Coffee
1905 26th St W